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Local Resident’s Association Meeting by Stephen Hammond

On 22 February 2017, Mr Stephen Hammond has held a meeting with local Resident’s association to solve their issues and know their problems. “It was a constructive discussion,” he said. In that meeting, they had the discussion about several aspects like cross rail2, Wimbledon Masterplan, Boundary changes and lots of other issues. Stephen Hammond was very interactive to fix the issues of the people In their constituency, his constituency includes Wimbledon, Raynes park, Morden and Motspur park.

Some of the representatives of the Local Resident’s association will participate in the meeting and thereby they will say problems to him and their by a problem will be decided by discussing with all the members.

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Political Career of Stephen Hammond


Stephen Hammond is a famous political leader of the United Kingdom and the Member of parliament of the Wimbledon constituency. He is a powerful personality among the local people and lives in the same constituency with his wife and daughter. Before entering into the politics, Stephen was held as a director for the equities division for Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and continued for four years later joined Commerzbank securities company in the same post. Later he was entered into the politics of UK and started his political career, his political career, in brief, is given below.


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Stephen Hammond’s Personal and Family Life

About Stephen Hammond:


Stephen Hammond is a British Politician of conservative Party of UK and also the former MP of the UK government. On 4th September 2012, Stephen was appointed as  Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the field of Transport, and responsible for rail, buses, shipping. He was elected as an MP (member of parliament) for the Wimbledon constituency in 2005 general elections. His constituency includes Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Morden and Motspur Park. He lost his ministerial post in the reshuffle on 15 July 2014. But in the year 2014 on 15th July he lost his ministerial powers. Again in 2015 May 7th, Hammond is elected again as a member of parliament for Wimbledon with 12,619 votes majority and also had a 52% increase in all votes cast. Continue reading

Updates from Stephen Hammond MP

Visit to Kew House


Last Friday, Kew House, one of several residential homes in Wimbledon, held a Spring Cocktails Party for residents and guests. I was lucky enough to be invited. I had a long chat with Clare who has been the manager since October last year and is determined to make Kew House a caring and fun environment for its residents. Certainly the residents I met were happy and told me how dedicated the staff are.

Welcome to the website of Stephen Hammond

Hello, on May 7th, I am standing for re-election as MP for Wimbledon. Since first being elected as an MP in May 2005 I have been working hard to represent the interests of my constituents in Parliament. I hope this website will give you a good idea of what I have been up to, both in Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Morden and in Westminster.
Amongst other things on my website, you will find information about local campaigns I have run, my regular community updates and a ‘Have Your Say’ page where you can post your comments or ideas.
I am ambitious for Wimbledon, Morden and Raynes Park and I have worked with local residents to create a ‘Vision’ campaigns across each local area. These set out the opportunities we must seize over the next five years to make sure we continue to live in a wonderful and thriving area. Wimbledon town centre needs to encourage new business and become “Tech Suburb”. In Morden we need to transform the town centre by moving the bus centre and creating a pedestrian area. In Raynes Park we need to continue the successes of the last few years and encourage sustainable development. Wimbledon, Morden and Raynes Park are fantastic places to live and I will work to ensure they continue to be so.

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